Gill Norris


A Bond Between Us. I grew up in the Woodcraft Folk, (folk name April Shoes), we had wonderful leaders, about 5 groups in the District, it was our life outside of school, we hiked, camped and sang together. Watford WCF was started in 1930 by Fleetwing (Les Beal) my grandfather. Hawthorn, (Alice Beal) Les's wife, made the first Watford WCF tent on her sewing machine. My parents met in the Folk (Pat and Betty Reed - aka Moose and Blubell) and I met my husband in the Folk too (Tim Norris - Wallaby). I was a leader when my children were young and now 2 of the 3 of them are helping run the group in Watford in which my 4 grand daughters are members. We all still believe in striving for peace and international friendship.


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