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Privacy Policy

The Woodcraft Folk Heritage site only stores information provided by users by with their consent. This information is required to use the site (such as login details) and for content that users provide or create themselves (such as information about Woodcraft Groups you were a member of, or Archive Trails you have created). We do not store any additional information.

Information provided by users that might be stored on the site includes:

  • Username
  • First and last names
  • Email address
  • Biographical information provided on the profile page
  • Listings of Woodcraft Folk groups, camps and projects the user has provided on the profile page
  • Archive Memories created by users
  • Archive Trails created by users
  • Archive Experience articles created by users

Some of these items made be made public on the website and therefore seen by other users of the site. Archive Memories are always public. Users can choose whether to make their profile page information, Archive Trails and Archive Experience articles public or private. Please note that the default setting for these is always public.

Some items on the website can be shared via social media. These are items in the archive that may include memories you have added to them, public archive trails and public articles. By making items if these kinds that are public we assume that you give consent for them to be shared on social media.

Please note that once information has been shared to a third party social media platform, Woodcraft Folk cannot accept responsibility for how that information is used, edited or represented on that third party platform.

All other information provided by users of the Woodcraft Folk Heritage site is treated as private and is not made available to third parties.

Cookie Policy

The Woodcraft Folk Heritage website uses cookies to ensure security across the website.

Primarily this is used to enable us to know when you are logged onto the site and to apply additional security to any forms that allow data to be sent to or modified on the site.

No personal data is stored or collected from the cookies that the Woodcraft Folk Heritage website provide.

External cookies from third party social media websites may be used if you visit a page which contains embedded content from social media. Such third party cookies may track your use of this website.